“I’m here for you.”


In the throes of my depression when I cannot see how to put on foot in front of the other you say…”I’m here for you.” And yet, you’re not.

“You can talk to me. You can tell me anything, I will understand. I am here for you.”


Days go by without connection even though YOU know my hell.

I dare not ask for much.

I know, all too well how busy YOUR life is.

And, yet…when you say…”I am here for you.”
Are you?

I am the pretend happy face that no-one questions..
Underneath that pretense my heart is shattering in a million pieces…
And no-one knows because I will not allow my need to show.

I need a friend.

I walk, slowly, one foot step at a time.
I breathe. One breath at a time.

I am my own friend.
Me, myself, and I
And I am lonely.

I spare not to burden one with my problems.
I am an island unto myself.

My journey, not known to many because I will not share…
Because…I have heard…”I will be here for you”
And you are not.

“I am here for you”

Are you really?


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