Love in the midst

I cannot claim to own this phrase.
These precious words came from a therapist.

Oh…how I wish I might be so lofty and pure…
To look beyond the words of hurt and blame.
Scorching and hateful.

I am not.

I am worn down by blame and hurt and attack.
There is no worth in fighting back.

I will take what is mine and…
I’ll be damned sure to fight for what I believe to be right,…in spite
Of words of hurt and blame.
Scorching and hateful.

And yet…

Is there a way, I wonder
To lay aside the hurt and blame?

The hateful scorching words often unsaid but with a glance are true?

The love…
once so powerful and strong
Pushed against a wall.

Once one, now two, was one again.

Loving the midst.

Tender eyes…
Loving touch…
Unspoken words, yet words finished

I, ever hopeful.

We will find “Love in the Midst.”