I waddled into his office, yet again.
Another check up.

Ankles swollen.
Breasts huge and hanging.

Dr. Ashgar Rahaghi.
Oh….this man….
He LOVED this pregnant woman.

He rubbed my swollen belly,
He stroked my tear streaked cheeks.
“You look so beautiful, today.”

THAT morning….
Undulating pain every three minutes.
I cannot catch my breath.

Dr. Ashgar Rahaghi…
“You Look so beautiful today, so ripe and ready to bring your baby forth.”

I scream…..
“I can’t do this….”

From between my legs Dr Ashgar Rahaghi stands…
He rubs my thighs….
He looks me right in the eye, and says….”YES, You can”

He places his hand where I need to push.
“FOCUS” Dr. Ashgar Rahaghi says.

I look into his deep dark brown eyes.
He is looking into my dark brown eyes.

He says “PUSH”
And I push.
For all I am worth, blood vessels breaking, legs shaking, arms holding my legs up, I push, and I push and I push.

There she is…..
On my belly.

Swollen belly.
Breasts heavy and hung.

Dr. Ashgar Rahaghi……
“You look so beautiful, today.”
As he strokes my tear streaked cheek.