The Arbor tree

The phone rang while I was making dinner….
UGH!! So inconvenient.
Don’t people know I am trying to make dinner and keep my household tasks on par?

“Hi, Sharon,”
“Umm, Hello?”
“It’s me, “I just wanted to let you know what the kids are up too.”

Since I have put myself “on hold” with my Guardian ad Litem work due to family and personal health issues I have not kept up with my past resolved cases.

“I just wanted to let you know”…..
A long pause…a hiccup,…a sigh….

“The girl’s are high honor student’s, now.”
“Johnny, is on varsity basketball.”

I remember when I took this case..
The kids were wild-eyed with fear.

I promised those kids I would be THERE for them.
I promised those kids they would not have to shit in a bucket at the end of a trailer..
I promised those kids there would be a better day for them because I would help them find their voice….
and until they could I would be their voice.

I gave those three kids my word.

The phone rang while I was making dinner…
UGH!!! So Inconvenient.

I was told these three kids planted an Arbor Tree in my name.
I broke into tears.

I am humbled,
and full of awe.

These three have a forever place in my heart.
Not for what I have done for them….
But for the greatness of what they have given me.