November’s Lull

God. How I feel it.
Darkness and death.
All around me.

Leaves fallen.
Skies over cast.

November’s lull calls to me.
I hear it deeply.
And I want to succumb.

Once vibrant, now lost.
Death and darkness surround me.

An ache so deep within my heart.
I wretch, broken heaves,
over and over with no release.

She is rolling, earth flying, eye’s begging
Undulating pain I cannot stop.

Her pain. My pain.
We are one.

November’s lull
I want to succumb

Darkness and death

I want to believe; it will not be.
She will die.

A piece of my heart is buried beneath November’s lull.
I am forever changed.

Blessed sleep for you, my beloved.

I have yet to escape November’s lull.