Oysters and sex. The aphrodisiac for men?


He looks longingly at her slightly parted lips and smiles.  “Yum, I can almost taste you now.” he says.

The pale pink, almost pearl white flesh of her body, smooth as silk, wet, and welcoming calls to him. He is flushed. His mouth waters. His pupils dilate, heart rate increases.

Palms sweaty he reaches forth. I swat his hand away. “Not so fast. The first taste is all mine.” I tease him with my eyes. I wink. I lean in close. I brush my body up against his arm and say “I love you.”

I poke and jab the first delicious oyster. I lay her in some cocktail sauce and as I bring her close to his mouth I pull her into mine. Ah! That sweet clean fragrant taste as she glides down my throat. I can see it is paining him with ecstasy as he watches.

We dig in. Our conversation full of friendly banter as our bellies fill with the wonders of the “aphrodisiac”. We examine each oyster as scientists and agree they do look an awful lot like vaginas…and I argue in my headiness after our third dozen with beer, they are loaded with zinc and amino acids. Lord knows I need my amino acids!

We head home. Umm…the aphrodisiac for men? I think not!  Later =)



My piece of Sanibel. My peace on Sanibel.


I am stripped naked.

I look at the pile of heavy clothes laying at my feet. A tear slips down my cheek. I exhale. I am so tired

As each piece of clothing comes off another layer of sadness comes off, as well.

My piece of Sanibel. My island paradise. I love this island for all she gives me. The sea, dolphins, warmth, healing for my weary soul, quiet, and rest.

I put one leg at a time in my bikini, fasten my top. Gathering a towel, sunblock and off I go on my piece of Sanibel to my peace on Sanibel.  The beach is beautiful.  Sea shells by the thousands. Dolphins play just beyond the break.  The sun is hot, the sky a periwinkle blue.

I take a deep breath. Tears slide down my face with joy.

I’ll leave the heavy clothes on the floor along with the tired, weary tear for now. I’ve peeled off my layers of exhaustion.

My piece of Sanibel. My peace on Sanibel.