My interview with a bullying survivor

Round belly, breasts full, I opened my legs and welcomed my children into my arms. Four children later, years of teaching, and becoming a Guardian as Litem I consider myself an intuitive, wise, nurturing, and loving woman. I can also become quite a “she-bear” when I see or hear of abuse or neglect of a child.

I interviewed a thirteen year old girl who was the victim of school bullying. Her pain cut to the core of my heart. I am angry for what she endured. And I will work to change her world. With her and for her.

“How did it feel to you?”

“I felt depressed. I felt like shit. I never wanted to go to school. I felt sick all the time.”

“Did you ever tell your teachers?”

“Yeah, they ignored me. Except the gym teacher. The kids didn’t pick on me in gym class, at least when she was looking.”

“What did you notice the kids doing to you?”

“They would laugh at me, snicker. If I answered a question in class later they would call me an “idiot’ or a “fucker, faggot, or retard. I stopped answering in class.” “Outside they would throw grass and leaves at me so I would go off by myself.”

“Who helped you?”

“My mom. But that was hard because I was so sad and I knew she was sad. You really don’t want to piss my mom off about her kids. Anyway, I go to a different school now. I am accepted for who I am and I love it there. I’m not sad anymore. I have really great friends who love me for who I am and I love them.”



As I was driving by this thirteen year old girls school one day in the winter I saw her curled up in a fetal position, tucked into a snow bank. I remember her teal blue snow suit. I am so angry!! Three teachers, huddled together laughing. Other kids playing and tossing snow around. There is this child. Alone. Probably cold. Frightened? I am certain.

I waited for recess to be over. Marching into the school I walked into the principals office and demanded one final meeting. “Of course, Mrs. Lamb.”  A time was set for that afternoon.

I am that thirteen year old girls mother. My daughter, Rebekah, has been bullied and hurt. Her spirit and heart diminished but not broken. Rebekah is a survivor! Rebekah is now thriving in a school that supports her amazing intellect, talents, heart, spirit, and love for humanity. I am so very proud of her and honored to be her mom.



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