#MondayBlogs Battered, beaten, and betrayed. Who wants me?

My work as a Guardian ad Litem offers me many opportunities to delve into the lives of children I am charged with by the court to “be their voice.” I am humbled and heart – broken by what I hear and see from the youngsters I meet. From day one when I get the phone call…”will you take this case?”, to preparing myself to meet the child placed in my care, I worry myself. I am equipped to do my job. I have the affidavit. All of the ugly history and events which have unfolded in this childs life before Social Services stepped in. I read, I study, I make phone calls. I usually meet “my” child in court. Often I wear a big chunky necklace because I know it is hard for the kiddo to look me in the eye. I give them a focal point somewhere near my face. I have done my home work. I know what his interests are, what he likes to do,what his favorite sports team is. I NEVER extend my hand in a hand shake….too formal. I give “my” kiddo my first name. I ask him if he knows what my job is to do for him. Slowly he looks at my neck lace. BINGO. I admit I know nothing about sports so if he could fill me in that would be great. I think he thinks I’m dumb….that is ok, I’ll take it for now. This is all about winning his trust. He asks me why I am there and why do I “give a damn.” I tell him honestly. I am here because I have four kids who I love more than any thing in the world and if any one ever hurt them I would hope that some one like myself would stand up for them, yell for them, be angry for them, let their voices be heard, and do what ever it took to make their lives be safe. He looks down and a tear slides down his cheek. He then looks up at me eye to eye. “I like you.”


3 thoughts on “#MondayBlogs Battered, beaten, and betrayed. Who wants me?

  1. That is just what the child needs. They need that adult figure that they know is on their side and will be there for them. Not someone who is there to find out what they did wrong, but there to support the entirely.

  2. The tension, the short plain sentences, the love that leaps off the page. This is wonderfful. So, I’d like to comment off page, privately, if that’s ok. My email is RCS1738@aol.com.
    You can see my Facebook at WriterBob Stewart or my website (such as it is) at Writerbobstewart.com

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