The Power of Words

How often have I heard the statement that words have power? I have believed in the power of words for the better part of my life. I have attempted to live by the motto ” Say what you mean and mean what you say.” I raised my children to filter their words through their hearts before speaking because words have so much power. Words can be used to edify, to bless, to encourage, to up lift those in need. Words can be used to bring joy, and express love, words can bring peace and comfort to a broken heart. The power of words can also break a heart. Words aimed just right can maim, injure, inflict emotional pain, and can damage a person to their breaking point. As I have thought about the power of words and the effect my written and spoken words have had on my life and those around me I find I have come up with an amazing discovery. I found that with the safety of friendship, true friendship, Julie can tell me I am a bitch and I can hear her. Her words don’t hurt me. Julie is telling me, in the short run to get over myself!! My daughter’s, Amanda, and Jess, can also drop the “F” bomb in my face and I am not offended because our relationships have been built on respect, love, and investment in each other. Their words don’t hurt me. I know they love me. Their words of love have far out weighed a few harsh words dropped here and there. If my twelve year old called me a bitch it would be a different story. She has not yet learned the power of her words, nor has she earned through the investment of years with parenting the “right” to be my friend….not just yet. I still intend to “say what I mean and mean what I say”. I hope I don’t ever use my words to main, injure, or inflict pain. And I know I am not perfect. I am also learning to use the power of my words and tell someone to STOP if they use their words to main, injure, or inflict pain on me. Even though they are not perfect. The Power of Words.


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