Cutting….Even the word sounds sharp. What causes one to do this horrific act? I’ve read, researched, and spoken with professionals, this illness actually produces an endorphine release which will cause a sense of well being, and calm. Often cutting is more often associated with teen age girls. At the very time in their lives they are feeling most vulnerable, least powerful, trying so desperately to find their voice our girls can become frantically overcome with emotion, to the point of feeling like they are “going to explode.” as I have been told. Cutting releases the explosive pressure. If one cuts deep enough the hormones are released and the calm settles in, however temporary, thus making this illness so terribly difficult to treat. Let us be mindful and attentive to our daughter’s and young women and support their wide eyed search for their voices. Lets hold our arms open and hold them tightly and securely so they can garner our strength and move through these topsy-turvy times whole and intact.


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