Good bye, Kasey

The love of a dog.  Who can imagine?  I brought Kasey home six years ago under the guise that she would be Rebekah’s dog.  Little did Bek know Kasey was really mine.  Kasey was killed today.  It was purely by accident.  She was doing what she loved the most.  Romping and playing, chasing after God knows what after she got into the front yard.  Kasey mis-judged her boundry.  I was in the house and didn’t hear a thing.  My husband was outside with the dogs and lost track of them.  Kasey being full of life, full of fun, and joy and playfulness probably, most certainly, darted past Jake, and charged into the road.  Her injuries were too horrific.  She could not be saved.  I wept, I wailed.  I was so angry.  How could this happen to such a sweet dog?  We never know the answers to these questions but I know I do have the treasure of Kasey’s memories held within my heart.  The first time she “got it” to come.  The many hours she swam in the Lake.  The times she would sit on the dock and look for fish only to jump in and catch nothing.  Kasey, I love you.  You are my sweet girl. 


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