Children I work for

I became a Guardian ad Litem about two years ago to give voice to the lost, and abused children in my little area of Vermont. I have had the joy of working with children for most of my adult life, either as a teacher, or a riding instructor. Becoming a GAL seemed like a natural move after my youngest was old enough to understand I wasn’t going to be someone else’s “MOM.” Bek just needed the assurance I would still be “all hers.” Now, though, she wants me to bring the children I work for home !!!
I am amazed by the tenacity children show. They can be abused, mentally, physically, and emotionally and yet they hold onto life with such an amazing grip. These kids carry a boldness and bravery I envy. Yes, they are wounded. I see it in their eyes and when they learn to trust me they bare their hearts to me. I cry with them, I can be angry with them, I allow them full range and expression of their voice and in those moments they fully realize they are safe.
I usually have about one year on a case with each family once I accept a family. Believe me in that time my heart grows to embrace each child and it is my hope I impart to them a magical gift based on their personality. Most importantly the gift I want “my” children to receive from me is to know their voice, to believe in the power of their spoken word, and that they do matter in this world. Tools for their tool box of life !!!


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